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Mucca Mad Boys - "Protect Our Bay"

While there was never actually a group called "Mucca Mad Boys", Blake Oakfield did in fact start a group of "haole", or white kids, to band together and be able to surf without harassment from the locals. The idea was simple, form a group to protect each other from another group. And while things sometimes did get violent, the motto was always "protect our bay". Blake Oakfield and the Mucca Mad Boys were most interested in being able to surf without getting harassed or bullied by the locals. Chris Lilley took some of the Mucca Mad Boys concepts to use in "Angry Boys", and added some of his own touches to make for good TV. Check out the sample clip below from "Angry Boys" where Chris Lilley explains a bit more about the Mucca Mad Boys. And then be sure to take a quick read and learn more about the Fennel Hell Men.


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