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Blake Oakfield's Role in "Angry Boys"

So what exactly does the real Blake Oakfield have to do with Chris Lilley's character in the HBO hit series "Angry Boys"? Quite a lot actually. Blake Oakfield spent quite a few years surfing on Australia's Gold Coast in the late 90s, where he met Chris Lilley. At first the two didn't get along, Chris Lilley was pretty serious about his comedy career (yes, serious about comedy), and Blake Oakfield was just a surfer who liked to hang out on the beach during the day, and the bars at night. Eventually the two became friends while playing pool at the local bar, and the rest is history.

Surfing Waimea

Blake was quickly becoming one of the best surfers on North Shore, and making friends and enemies in the process. His enemies thought that a kid from California shouldn't be ruling the waves of Hawaii, so there would often be arguments about who got to ride the best waves. Because of this constant hassling by the locals, Blake and his friends decided to band together to protect each other. This story is also featured in Angry Boys, though not 100% accurate. Keep reading to learn the real story behind the "Mucca Mad Boys" and the "Fennel Hell Men".

Mucca Mad Boys

While there were no "Mucca Mad Boys" as mentioned by Chris Lilley in Angry Boys, Blake Oakfield did start a crew of surfers that were responsible for protecting their local beach from other surf hooligans. Growing up a "haole", or non Hawaiian, in Hawaii was sometimes tough. The local youths would sometimes stake claim to certain beaches and surf spots. Blake Oakfield thought that the ocean should be for everyone, so he created the "Waimea Watchers", a group of young haole surfers who made sure other young non Hawaiians had a place to surf. Of course, this caused problems with some of the locals, who started a rival group called the "Hawaiian Hell Men", to protect Hawaiian beaches from outsiders who stole waves and created congestion in local surf spots. This rivalry became one of the most famous surf rivals in history, and still continues to this day. Perhaps this is why Chris Lilley chose to create a rivalry between the different surf groups in "Angry Boys". To learn more about the Mucca Mad Boys or the Fennel Hell Men, click the tab at the top of the page.

Fennel Hell Men

The group "Fennel Hell Men" didn't actually exist either. They were a group of local Hawaiian surfers who banded together to make sure the Mucca Mad Boys didn't take over too many beaches. It was a classic rivalry, much like Yoko Ono and The Beatles or Starsky and Hutch. They didn't necessarily hate each other, but they didn't always get along. As they got older and discovered beverages of an alcoholic nature, fights would often break out in Waimea town, much to the dismay of local shop keepers and tourists. This famous rivalry is also a big part of the Angry Boys plot. To learn more about the Mucca Mad Boys or the Fennel Hell Men, click the tab at the top of the page.


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