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Fennel Hell Men

The group "Fennel Hell Men" weren't exactly as described in the show. There was never any real violence (though that did occur often out on the waves, just never as actual "gang wars" or "turf wars" as described in the show). Anyone who has ever been surfing can tell you sometimes tempers flare when there are limited waves and you have someone "stealing" yours. Of course, you can't "steal" a wave, but that was the thought of some of the locals who later became known as the "Fennel Hell Men" by Chris Lilley as Blake Oakfield in "Angry Boys". In fact, the "Fennel Hell Men" were just a group of local surfers who didn't like "haoles", or white guys, surfing "their" waves. Of course all this is silly, but we won't get into the politics of it all. Basically the locals didn't like new surfers coming and riding their waves, so they would harass Blake Oakfield and his friends. There was never and real violence, but occasional fights and scuffles did break out. However Blake Oakfield was never shot as described in the show.


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